So you may be asking yourself why? Why should I hire this kid? What benefits can he bring to a company that has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard? Well there are quite a few.

If you’ve looked at my resume you can see I’m qualified for this position and I even have work at home experience. In almost every job I’ve ever had I’ve been promoted or given more responsibilities very quickly. I learn, I adapt, and I thrive!

I’m not trying to make this about how great a guy I am or how deserving of this position I am because I know there are lots of hard working people out there and I don’t want anyone reading this getting the wrong idea. I’m not an egomaniac who couldn’t just send in a resume like everyone else and hope for the best.

Instead I wanted to follow the company’s slogan “Think Different”. I made it through two rounds of interviews and didn’t make myself stand out in the way I should have to begin with.

Well that’s not going to be a problem this time. I’m pulling out all the stops here. I am going to do anything I can to get noticed by them

I live in a small town in Southwest Virginia. We don’t have a lot of opportunities around here period, let alone a chance to work for a tech giant such as apple. Some people here still are forced to use dialup. Most are farmers or miners who have never had to work on a computer a day in their lives, nor would they care to!

I spent over a year teaching people who wanted to learn about computers anything I possibly could and, I still to this day reach out to anyone who asks for my help. Friends, neighbors, family, anyone who wants help or wants to learn. I’ve been doing customer service my whole life and have never had anyone complain I was rude or didn’t know how to talk to people. I’m a people person and I know that’s what Apple really prides itself on.