Qualifications for Leadership and Management


Demonstrated extensive leadership experience. Possesses in-depth managerial knowledge of customer service and sales teams. Very strong customer service skills, self-starter and highly motivated. Possesses extensive knowledge of IT hardware and software. Extensive team building and coaching skills.


Areas of Experience and Knowledge 

Coaching and Team Member Development

 Data Security

Call Center Inbound Sales

Sales and Sales Management Experience

Bonded @ Prior Employer

Microsoft Windows

Training of Team Members

Lifelong History of Leadership

Red Hat Based Linux

Physical Security

Decorated High School ROTC Commander

Call Center Technical Support

Customer “Save” and Retention

Public Interaction

Call Center Tier II Support

Quality Assurance

Workstation Support

Call Center Escalations

Scheduling/Work Force Management

Call Center Outbound Sales

Computer Optimization

Credit Card Billing Knowledge

Microsoft Office Suite

Customer Loyalty

Local and Networked Computer Skills

Leadership Development

Internet Search Engine Optimization

Cross Selling and Up Selling

Call Center Help Desk Support

Internet Marketing


Selected Highlights


Career Summary


STAND Enterprises , LLC  (2012 - Present)

CTO, Lead Systems Administrator, Head of Information Security, Webmaster

I oversee any implementation of technology throughout Stand Enterprises and make key decisions regarding our online presence in the 21st century business world ranging from what type of computers to use to how to implement our new network and data policy’s. I also oversee our physical and data security procedures which I have modeled after and are fully compliant with Department of Defense protocol for information security and network assurance.


FirsTeam Personnel Services   (2008 - Present)

I.T. and Data Security Advisor

    I advise the CEO of the company on any technology concerns and also do maintenance and repairs on all FirsTeam data systems. I ensure that all bookkeeping systems stay up to date and protected against the latest vulnerabilities to the software that we use in day to day activities.


Convergys Corporation (Work at Home) (2013)

Customer Account Executive

    I worked on the Comcast New England Video Repair and Billing Team. My Team Leader was Denielle Johnson and I worked directly with her to lead our team of agents to being the number one team for the Comcast project. (WAH and Brick and Mortar Combined) I was also a leader in sales converting an average of 15% of calls directed to me for a sale.


Riggs Oil (Daniel Boone Travel Center), (2013 – 2013)


    As a cashier I was responsible for thousands of dollars’ worth of not only cash but paperwork as well. I kept the store well stocked and was a friendly face to the public. This job was a very self-motivated job. I was usually the only person in the store most nights and worked by myself starting my third day as I quickly adapt to any new situation.

McDonald’s Corporation , Roth LLC  (2012 – 2013)


During my time at Roth LLC. I was a crew member who specialized in Service (i.e. being in the public eye). I was also cross trained to be a member of the production staff. In my year tenure I was trained in every station that the store has to offer allowing me a chance to show my versatility and adaptability in any given situation. Since I also come from a very strong technical background I was often tapped to use my IT knowledge to fix any given problem with the McDonald’s proprietary systems.


Kavanaugh Callcenter Group, (2010-2012)

Call Center Agent / Supervisor (Trained Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative, IT, Call to Activate Supervisor)

Under the Call to Activate (CTA) Program I was tasked with selling debt cancellation for Macy’s Credit Cards. I was one of the top salespeople on our program averaging 15-20% Conversion taking around 200-300 calls daily.    

Upon exceeding expectations for CTA, I was Cross Trained to Provide Retention efforts (keeping people enrolled) for Aon Integramark’s Debt Cancellation Programs. Aon’s Clients include GE Capital Retail Bank, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo and Citi-Macy’s.                .

After spending roughly six months working for Aon’s retention based program I was promoted to the Company’s I.T. department. Unfortunately due to budgetary constraints I was placed back on Call To Activate.             

One month later I was promoted to Supervisor on the Call to Activate program. This job was not posted for it was a merit based promotion as I have performed in every aspect they have asked me to.

As supervisor for the Call To Activate program my responsibilities include, Work Force Management (Schedule Adherence and Managing of Breaks, Occupancy, and Service Levels.)  It also includes coaching and building a highly motivated sales staff. As well as completing monitors and evaluations on each individual agent on the floor.


TICD, INC (Taylor Industries Computer Division) (2009- 2010)

Webmaster, Network Engineer and Systems Administrator for Windows and Linux Computers

My job at TICD, INC ranged from fixing minor issues with the Windows operating systems itself to hardware replacement to running cable to Designing websites and dealing with the public as an office specialist (Office Specialist would be similar to a secretary).

I also was required to build networks for three community computer centers with 10 computers in each center and more than 50 users daily.

My primary role that was not shared by any other of my coworkers was that of Linux system administration. I implemented our Ticketing system complete with live chat support for our web page all using a Linux back end server.

In addition I also designed and implemented our websites using IIS and worked hand in hand with our hosting provider.


Results DUFFIELD, (2008-2009)

Call Center Agent (Tier I and Tier II Licensed Customer Representative)

Received and resolved billing and technical inbound call from XM Radio subscriber. Performed upselling and cross selling of complementary products and services. Assisted other agents and supervisors in multiple sites with Tier II (more difficult) inquiries.




Honors Diploma-College Track, Lee High School, Jonesville, VA

Computer Science Track- East Tennessee State University 1 Year

Computer Networking Track-Mountain Empire Community College 1 Year Completed (Degree in progress)