To Whom it May Concern at Apple Recruiting:

Please consider this website and attached resume as my application for a position with your company. I have extensive experience in the call center environment, excelling as a customer service agent, sales agent, technical support agent, internal IT specialist, and supervisor.

While at KCG Call Centers, I was selected by the IT Manager to provide as-needed support for system security, server management, and database administration. I have extensive knowledge of Linux, Windows and UNIX based operating systems. I am currently studying for my A++ certification, then plan to earn my CCNA, along with the RHCA certification.

During a 2011 problem with the Conficker virus in the KCG internal servers, I led and managed a team that worked continuously for over 48 straight hours to resolve the problem and restore functionality and data to our local call center.
I spent well over a year as the on-site manager for a grant funded community computer center in Lee County, helping novice and experienced computer users become more proficient with their computer use.

Throughout my work and volunteer experience I have served in formal and informal leadership roles. I have been acting and official Team Lead/Supervisor for both sales and customer service at KCG Call centers. During my senior year in high school I was the Commander for my Naval Jr. ROTC program, responsible for over 40 cadets and over one million dollars in equipment.

Finally, as a call center agent I always exceeded standards and was a top performer in both customer service and sales functions. I also worked in technical support while at Results Call Center. I recognize that I am at the early stages of my career, and am willing to start in any position that you think appropriate for your needs. I am looking for a great company to take my career to the next level, and have always heard good things about the Apple organization.

Ever since I went through the first round of interviews and got turned down I decided to take your company’s advice, “Think Different”. I have spent the last few days building this website to show your company what being given the opportunity to work with your company would mean to me. I know this is only an entry level position but I know that this would mean being able to support my family better and help me pursue my dream in the Information Technology field. I know being an at home advisor would be the position for me. With Apple it’s not just a job anymore, it’s a career.

Cody Phipps